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This Is The Space Where Healing Occurs

This Is The Space Where Healing Occurs

Welcome to the Takaya Institute web page!

We are a family-owned institution dedicated to transforming the lives of people all around the world by introducing them to Hanna Somatic Education and other natural somatic healing practices. 

We offer private sessions, online Zoom classes in Somatic Movement and workshops. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with a Somatic Educator to book sessions or classes.

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Your somatic awareness is a powerful hea

The Takaya Institute has its name from the Takaya Clan, a family that has spanned countries and continents. Our clan originates from Japan and is tied to an ancient Samurai lineage. We are a family that has prided itself on its love for knowledge, self empowerment and creating peace with others. As your fellow humans we believe it is our duty to share our knowledge and gifts with you. You can learn more about our educators, their styles of practice and of our family history below:


Our Mission

We create a world of kindness, enlightenment and healing

by creating a new culture of self knowing, self empowerment and release through teaching Somatic Education.

A World of Freedom

All practitioners of the Takaya Institute are certified Hanna Somatic Educators who combine Clinical/Hanna Somatics protocols with their own unique knowledge and skills.

"Somatics" is a radically effective neuro-muscular training method that allows you to easily release chronic pain and restore healthy freedom of movement. Through the use of this method we achieve real results with our clients that are long-lasting and transformative.

Somatics has astounding implications for improving the well-being for all people on Earth.



Nothing brings me lasting relief like Hanna Somatics. I've been strongly afflicted with a number of auto immune conditions for 25 years that have taken their toll on my body. I've benefited from body movement over the years and enjoy all I've tried: massage, yoga, Pilates. But none of them brought me the relief and release like Somatics. I've utilized it for five years in group classes, private sessions, and on my own. I'm deeply grateful to have found it and am empowered knowing it is a resource I can access anytime.

— Jolynne F., Client

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