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Our Practitioners

Aimee Takaya

Aimee Takaya grew up in Ashland Oregon, where she discovered the transformative effects of yoga at 19 years old. She followed her passions, teaching Yoga around the world for several years, but ended up with a hip injury and pain as a result of practicing Yoga intensely and pushing her body to its limits.


She discovered Somatics through her Father and began practicing the movements daily to reduce pain and regain mobility in her left hip. She has been teaching Somatic Movement for 3+ years now and incorporates somatic principles and functional movement patterns into her Yoga classes.



In her private sessions, Aimee brings a sense of curiosity and deep appreciation for the wisdom of your soma. She looks for patterns of sitting, standing, walking that are the underlying cause of habituated pain. She is gentle, attentive and seeks to meet you exactly where you are on your somatic journey, allowing you to lead the way as she follows your body’s intelligence as a helpful guide out of neuro-muscular pain.


Her hobbies include: Dancing, Cooking for Loved Ones, Singing, Reading Non-Fiction, Human Design and The Gene Keys, Playing with her toddler and making beauty out of nothing.

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