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Our Practitioners

Seiji OshenZa

Seiji OshenZa also known as Colin Seijiro Davis is a certified Clinical Somatic Educator, Sound Healer and Jewelry Artist with his roots in Germany, the USA and Japan. As a multi-lingual communicator, he offers his gifts of private and group sessions in Clinical Somatic Education, sound journeys, and hand-crafted Sacred Artifacts around the world. He has spent the last 8 years in Southern California and has now recently relocated to Vancouver Island, BC. 



Fueled by an inquisitive and adventurous spirit Seiji has spent his life traveling the world on a quest to find the secrets that would unlock his own “hidden human abilities” and to share them with others. His quest has led him on a journey of self-discovery that ranges from somatic education to men’s initiation to plant medicine induced psychedelic explorations.


Together with his uncle and cousin he has founded the Takaya Institute, an institution dedicated to advancing somatic awareness around the world.


His mission is to create a thriving New Earth of love, compassion and consciousness.

His Style

Seiji has studied and experienced an array of different healing modalities and philosophies over his travels and therefore brings a wide variety of knowledge as well as intuitive skills to his Somatic Healing practice. Seiji likes understands that every client is different and so he can adjust his teaching and practice style to fit his clients' needs in the best way possible. He combines Somatics with massage, sound healing, aromatherapy and intuitive energy healing.

He is also able to work with clients in English or German.

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