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Our Practitioners

William "Oji" Davis

"I am the space where healing occurs"

Founder of the Takaya Institute and a life long student of A Course In Miracles, William "Oji" Davis has made it his mission to be an inspiration to the growth of kindness and self-fulfillment in the world. That is why he has dedicated himself to raising global awareness around Hanna Somatic Education, a practice he believes will foster loving kindness, consciousness and well-being in his fellow people.


Oji was born in Sherlock, Michigan in the 50s, shortly after he moved with his family to California where and most of his siblings still live today.


Oji's journey of healing began when he chose to find ways of healing himself from chronic physical pain. A motorcycle accident in 1977 and a fall from a roof that crushed his heel bone were significant moments in his life that changed the way his body felt forever. For most of his adult life Oji has spent finding ways to relieve the pain he was having in his back and foot. One day a question arose in his mind,"How can I release these contractions and get rid of this pain? Can't anybody teach me?"

The answer to his question was eventually answered, many years later. In the meantime he had moved to Ashland, Oregon where he had started a family and spent the next 30 years of his life, always searching for ways to dealing with his pain which has led him on a vast journey of self-discovery.

William Oji Davis has been a student of Aikido for 28 years, is a trained mediator and a former Hot Yoga (Bikram) instructor. He has been a diligent student of A Course In Miracles (39 years), as well as a continuing absolvent of Landmark/EST training (44 years). He is also recognized by the ManKind Project as a certified Ritual Elder. The ManKind Project (MKP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to initiating men into a mature masculine culture and a life of mission and service to humanity.

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